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PP sandwich trays:
Sealed triangle of variety and freshness


The story of the "sandwich" goes back to Sir John Montagu (Earl of Sandwich) in the 18th century. 200 years later the sandwich stands for a convenient variety of diversified and fresh finger food, a snack simple to handle - but how to keep freshness and optical attractiveness? ALX sandwich trays are made of clear PP material which is sealable with clear film on the ALX tray sealer. Once the sandwich is sealed it is self-contained and stays fresh and firm in the fridge cabinet of supermarkets, convenience stores etc. Independent where and when the consumer is eating up his sandwich it is hygienically packed, aroma tight, practical for transportation and easy to open. The small and the large trays cover the popular sizes.

Individual and various applications of ALX Sandwich trays:

Hand made sandwiches in:
  • Supermarkets
  • Coffee shops
  • Snack-bars
  • Butchers
  • Convenience stores …

Advantages of ALX sandwich trays:
  • Ideal promotion in the fridge cabinet
  • Visual attraction + no waiting period supports impulse buying
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Sandwich stays fresh
  • Leak proof during transport
  • Economical sealed film lid
  • Easy to open "easy peel off"
PP sandwich trays (2) 
No. Pic Article Material Size
Length x width x depth
Color Capacity Pieces per case Sealable Cover Notepad
1 1/0403 PP   70 (2,76") x 181 (7,13") x 82 mm (3,23")
0.4 l 1680 Yes No
2 1/0503 PP   82 (3,23") x 181 (7,13") x 82,5 mm (3,25")
0.5 l 1300 Yes No