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Who is ALX:

ALX has been founded in 1965 by Alexander Josek who invented the patented ALX sealing system. As a medium-sized company our core competency is covering the process chain of plastic manufacturing and metalworking. Extrusion, thermoforming, CAD- applications as well as mechanical engineering are the main tasks. Our target is to provide modern and customer-oriented packaging solutions for the catering and the food industry.

Where is ALX located:

Production, warehousing and sales are located in Herbstein, one hour to the north east of Frankfurt / Main. More details: Directions.

What we do:

  • Plastic processing
    Our packaging products are designed for food applications and are made of EPS, APET, CPET and PP. In addition we do printing on film / foil (individual printing: more details.) ALX does the following in-house:
    • Sheet extrusion
    • Thermoforming of food packaging
    • Flexoprinting on film / foil

  • Tool making
    A tool-making-department is part of our inhouse service. Modern technology supports the transforming process of the customers ideas and requirements combined with our experience in technical solutions.
    • Design and development of packaging via 3D CAD/CAM
    • Prototypes of new packaging
    • Manufacturing of thermoforming tools

  • Machine building
    By using CNC technology for milling / turning and with sheet metal forming this department specializes in:
    • Serial manufacturing of tray sealers
    • Manufacturing of custom-made machines