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Our responsibility:

The target of our quality management is to produce quality goods on a constant level. Product quality at ALX is based on a continuous advancement of the existing technology and material components. As a producer of disposable-packaging we are aware of our responsibility for the environment. We permanently try to minimize the environmental impact.

We are taking care

Modern technology is part of our production and helps to produce packaging for food applications made of EPS, APET, CPET and PP on a high hygienic level. Efficient consumption of raw materials and energy is self-evident, e.g. a completely closed circular flow of EPS material during the whole production is standard at ALX. Our EPS products are made up of approximately 98% air and belong to the most light-weight packaging - of course 100 % without CFC.

Tray sealers:
Known for reliability

ALX tray sealers are patented, CE and GS marked and have all been checked by the German work safety association. Only robust stainless steel and long lasting anodized aluminium is used for the components. Our latest CNC technology ensures high precision - experience and accuracy of our employees stands for strict quality control and a high level of product quality. We guarantee a five year warranty with quiet conscience - for the customer as well as for us (except wearing parts).