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 ALX Metal with a new company logo
The rearrangement of the optical appearance will be successively introduced to the market in spring 2005.

The decision to change the optical appearance of the company is founded by managing director Armin-Carsten Josek as follows: " The corporate appearance has performed a good service for nearly 20-years. But after such a long time modernisation is inevitable. In view of the basic changes in the enterprise and at the market we have decided not on design adaptation, but on an entirely new appearance. We feel our new logo as modern, clear, international - as well as our enterprise all together." The new logo consists of the capitalized word brand "ALX" and a graphic element of five squares. On one hand the brand picture symbolises the variety of the packaging possibilities ALX offers. The squares stand for the market competence of the enterprise in all areas, whether by highly qualitative seal devices, multifunctional trays or the innovative production procedures. On the other hand one can recognize in the squares, however, also the fields ALX puts back on the chess board of the market. "We wanted no timid innovation, but an optimistic signal for change", explains Karsten Kehl, responsible for the enterprise communication, " the new logo is the symbol of a living, creative and varied enterprise."