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Showcase lids:
Visual attraction for visible freshness


The showcase lids are especially designed for covering ALX trays. To apply this closure option for ready-made-meals or snacks a tray sealer is not necessary. ALX showcase lids are available in two versions:

  • Glassy design to support the optics of the content. Either with a flat or a high showcase lid made of APET.
  • Functional and microwave proof semi-transparent showcase lids made of PP.

Advantages of the ALX showcase lids:

  • Appetizing presentation in the fridge cabinet
  • Easy and fast to (re)close and to (re)open
  • Stable during transport
  • Anti-fog treatment for high visibility of the content (APET lids)
  • All purpose lid also for microwave applications (PP lids)
  • Visual properties increase impulse buying
  • No tray sealer necessary
  • Ideal for small businesses
Showcase lids (6) 
No. Pic Article Material Size Length x width x depth Pieces per carton Notepad
1 AF/1713 APET    134 x 178 x 0 mm  800
2 AF/2217 APET    178 x 229 x 0 mm  500
3 AH B2    175 x 175 x 27 mm  600
4 AH B3    225 x 225 x 35 mm  600
5 AH/1713 APET    134 x 178 x 24 mm 
5.27'' x 7'' x 0.95'' 
6 AH/2217 APET    178 x 229 x 28 mm  500